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Sandra and Jeremy Colbyn: Jeremy attended Springfield House on 14 June for a private meeting with his Party Member. He thanked the firm and Sandra for providing help and assistance for those on low income to assess legal service.


Picture: Courtesy of Sharon Tylor (Labout Leader)



Sandra and Jeremy Colbyn: when he visited Springfield House privately on 14 June 2018 to hold a session with his Party. Jeremy thanked Sandra and the firm for helping and assisting those who are unable to afford high Street solicitors fees. See the picture in the Galeria



Hertfordshire Leading LADIES (International Women's Day). See Sandra's profile in the Comet at page 27 of Thursday 1 March 2018



The Parlaimentary Review commends Stevenage law firm's achievement: read more in the Comet papers on 12 April 2018. Sandra is the driving force behind the success of the firm



Fosters Care, its been a successful six months at Fosters Legal LLP, The Stevenage Law firm based on the High Street: read more at page 31 of Discover Hertfordshire summer 2018



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Sandra attended the House of Commons, in March 2018 


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It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop going, you will get there eventually


If you see another day come, count your self blessed as you can try again if you failed the day before.


By Sandra Foster





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