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If you are interested in interviewing Sandra regarding how she became the Leading Lady in Hertfordshire and how she successfully managed Fosters Legal to gain the status of National Business Leader, she will be obliged to talk with you. However she will be grateful if you could first go through the pictures, short video clips and download her interview file with Martin Elvery from the Comet on 11 November 2016 which is available by clicking on the galery above. If you cannot find your answer within this file, then please do not hesitate to contact her event organiser using the contact details on this website. Also if you would like her to attend your events, seminers or conferences, please contact her using the contact details on this website. 


Sandra attended the House of Commons, in March 2018 


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It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop going, you will get there eventually


If you see another day come, count your self blessed as you can try again if you failed the day before.


By Sandra Foster





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